Personal Range Training for Shooting Skills Development

Live Fire range lesson with NRA Certified Instructor

Focus your shooting skills with Guns-n-Gear's handgun personal range training. Receive 60 minute session(s) of live fire training with certified instructors focused on techniques to develop gun handling skills, accuracy and continuous improvement in a safety-first environment. All instruction is provided at the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA.

Price (Add to cart below)

  • $140 for one student one-on-one with a Guns-n-Gear NRA Certified instructor for 60 minutes
  • $170 for two students sharing one Guns-n-Gear NRA Certified instructor for 60 minutes
However, for a limited time, use discount code "half off" for a $70 or $85 experience for one or two students, respectively
  • $195 (coupon does not apply) for 3 Live Fire 1 Hour Lessons with Concealed Handgun Certificate for 1 Person
  • $300 (coupon does not apply) for 5 Live Fire 1 Hour Lessons with Concealed Handgun Certificate for 1 Person

Range fees of $35 to $50 per person not included and payable at the range with cash or credit card. Discounts for NRA members, minors and ladies on Thursdays are available. 

Training offered

We have been providing instruction at the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA for over eight years. Many of our students are women, men and youth (generally ages 9 and above) new to firearms instructions. We stress firearm and range safety practices, gun handling knowledge and the development of shooting skills to build student confidence. For advanced students, we tailor our lesson to meet challenges they face in mastering shooting skills. We teach safely drawing and shooting from a holster for open and conceal carry. We build their skills on engaging multiple targets with accuracy and speed while delivering multiple shots on target. On scheduled occasions, we provide classroom training on gun safety, concealed carry and the law for self defense of person, property and legal aspects of gun ownership.

Gear we provide

Guns-n-Gear provide most of what you need for the class. We also provide eye and ear protection and, of course, the instruction.  Range fees are not included but are payable at the range by the student with cash or credit card. Optionally, you may bring your own equipment. Range fees typically run $35-50 per per person with minors under 18 receiving free range time.

Training location

You will enjoy the NRA Range in Fairfax, VA at 11250 Waples Mill Road (near Rt 66 and Rt 50). It is centrally located, professionally staffed by NRA certified Range Officers, affordable and sized for 15 lanes at 150' in length to include handgun, shotgun and rifle shooting. Join the NRA at our website and you will enjoy a $5 discount every time you shoot. Children under 18 years of age are not charged to use the lanes, but must be there with their parent. Thursday 's "Ladies Night" provides special discount pricing for women. We encourage you to visit the NRA Museum on the property for their vast collection of firearms, firearms history and historians.

Contact and scheduling

Contact and scheduling is a manual process to ensure matching instructor and student schedules. You may initiate this process though our Contact/Scheduling Tab page or by calling us at 703-474-6492.

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