Virginia Handgun Knowledge and Safety Training

Resident and Non-resident Applicants

The Commonwealth of Virginia allows for qualified VA residents and non-residents to apply for and obtain the Concealed Handgun Permit. For residents, the permit process is administered by the circuit court in the county or city in which the resident resides. Non-resident applicants follow the Virginia State Police non-resident application process, using the application form provided by the Virginia State Police and submitting the form by mail. Residents and non-residents must provide proof of competency such as the certificate from our classroom or range training. Details of the Concealed Handgun Permit application process are provided at the State Police website and at your city or county circuit court website.

Will I qualify

Yes, if you have  clean criminal and mental health background and training per VA guidelines such as our Range training. For details please see the Virginia Concealed Handgun Application form provided at this Virginia State Police website.

Can I pass certification

Yes, Our goal, which is aligned with the Commonwealth of Virginia, is to provide you with the beginning knowledge required to understand and safely handle a firearm, ammunition and range protocol. For the Concealed Handgun Permit competency, VA requires classroom or live fire training to build from a certified instructor like Guns-n-Gear, and we recommend a self-study of the law for self defense, justifications for force in defense of person and property, and where and how to legally conceal carry with the permit. Guns-n-Gear can help you on all of these experiences.