Part 4: Cleaning and storage

Firearm cleaning

Cleaning safety

  • Ammunition should not be present while cleaning
  • No food, drinks or smoking should be present
  • The gun should be unloaded and inspected in an open configuration before starting the cleaning process
  • Manage the gun in a safe area and direction

Cleaning kit

  • A cleaning kit includes as a minimum: cleaning liquid, gun oil, patches, bore snake or cleaning rod/brush, small brush and soft cloth

Cleaning instructions

  • Follow your gun and product manufacturers' cleaning recommendations
  • At a minimum, conduct a field strip and clean the barrel, frame, slide and magazine


Gun safety

  • The primary reason for a storage plan is to keep your gun unaccessible by unauthorized users
  • Create a plan and obtain the equipment required
  • Stay with the plan

Storage options

  • Trigger and action locks
  • Small and large safes or gun closets with mechanical or electronic locks

Part 4 practical exercise

Name four gun parts that need to be cleaned

  • Barrel, frame, slide and magazine

Why should you create a storage plan

  • To prevent gun access from unauthorized users